Bad News

I just heard the bad news about my friend — what do I do now?

Don't freak out. Here's what to do, who to talk to, and how to respect everyone's privacy on the internet and in real life.

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Cancer: WTF

Doctors and Tumors and Drugs, what?!

Your friend might have more doctors’ appointments, tests, surgeries, and treatments than you ever thought possible. Here's how to be a help.

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After Cancer

Conversations to have now

Information about legacy projects, memorials, general meaning of life things, and ways to deal with your own grief.

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Looking for more information? Not sure where to find the resources you need? Let us help you out with that.

We've got lots of helpful links over here on our Resources Page


We’re not doctors, psychologists, or counselors. We’re not life-coaches, or your parents, or experts on cancer. We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re just sharing what we went through, and what we think was helpful for Crystal and for us while dealing with cancer. Our hope is that what you read here helps you in some way, but remember to think for yourself and use your own judgment! And always, if you’re experiencing a medical emergency, don’t google it or rely on what we've said here, call 911.